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First Time Driving Lessons

With Tinsley School of Motoring you will learn everything you need to know to be able to pass your test and to be a confident and safe driver. We welcome drivers with no previous experience through to novice learners – all abilities are catered for. Many of our current clients have come from recommendations from previous successful learner drivers. Lessons are conducted in a professional and friendly manner which will make learning to drive more enjoyable and less stressful. 

Tinsley School of Motoring operate in a manual car and not an automatic. If you pass your driving test in a manual car you will also be able to drive an automatic car on your licence. If you complete your test in an automatic car, then you would only be able to drive an automatic and not a manual car, so something to consider when looking for driving instructors. To apply for your provisional licence please click here.

Book Your First Lesson.

You can start to learn to drive while you are studying for your theory test. Tinsley School of Motoring can also help you with this if necessary. For beginners, lessons are generally started on a weekend, in quieter areas, to familiarise yourselves with the controls.

Learn How To Drive.

We provide a progressive structure with a thorough understanding for learners. As lessons progress, structure is driven by the learner with learning options from the instructor.
You are guided through learning at a pace that suits you. As you gain more experience all areas will be revisited as you near your test date to make you confident in all areas of driving and the necessary manoeuvres. Motorway driving will be considered when you are deemed ready for this experience due to the faster road conditions.

Prepare You For The Big Day.

As you are progressing through your driving lessons, you will become more confident. You will receive feedback on your driving and any issues that need to be resolved before your driving test. Test dates should be discussed before you book your test to ensure the car is available and if you are ready for your test. On the day of your test, Tinsley School of Motoring will recommend a recap lesson before your test to make you feel at ease. The test itself can either be completed in the learning car or in your own car if this is more suited to you. Tinsley School of Motoring only completes driving tests from Chorley Driving Test Centre.

Get Ready To Start Driving.

If you are interested in learning to drive with Tinsley School of Motoring, then please contact us. Once you have passed your test, Andrew can provide further driving tuition in any areas you feel necessary. Andrew is also on hand for any driving questions you have once you have your new life skill. If you require it, Andrew also offers trailer tuition which more information can be found on the next page.

B + E Trailer Training

A recent expansion to Tinsley School of Motoring, is the provision of trailer training.

Changes to the driving licence categories has meant that people with a licence held after 1st January 1997 within the UK, require a B+E entitlement to be gained to drive a vehicle combination over 3,500kg (3.5 ton). Prior to this date, you may be given grandfather rights to tow. To check your licence click here.

Depending on when you passed your driving test, there are different towing allowances applied to your licence: Click here to check your licence categories.

Learn how to Manoeuvre with a trailer

Drive With Andrew Tinsley


Andrew has over 25 years of driving experience which has included driving large goods vehicles. Tinsley School of Motoring began in 2015 and has grown rapidly since. Most of the new learners have come from personal recommendations with good feedback on Andrew’s teaching style and structured learning. Tinsley School of Motoring’s ethos is to get people driving as soon as possible and to ensure they are confident drivers, learning from the wealth of Andrew’s road experience.


Lessons are generally booked in hourly slots, but longer lessons can also be arranged if this is preferred. We generally do not do intensive courses as we believe that learning is better over a longer time frame with confidence gained over a longer duration rather than concentrated into a short period. However if this is something that you would like to talk to us about then please contact us. Tinsley School of Motoring want to ensure new drivers are equipped with a thorough understanding and are confident drivers.
Driving lessons start from £24 per hour. Discount available for block bookings. Friendly and approachable driving style. Very high standard achieved.
Lessons after 18:00 hours will be charged at £28 per hour. Sunday lessons are by prior arrangement. Call to book a lesson with Andrew.

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These are just a few of the students who have been successful in passing their driving test with Tinsley School of Motoring.


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