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Licence Category B+E Trailer Training

Are you looking to learn to tow a trailer, horse box or caravan? Or increase your confidence in towing? Then look no further. Tinsley School of Motoring have expanded and now include this training within our repertoire. 

Changes to the driving licence categories has meant that people with a licence held after 1st January 1997 within the UK, require a B+E entitlement to be gained to drive a vehicle combination over 3,500kg (3.5 ton). Prior to this date, you may be given grandfather rights to tow. To check your licence click here.

Depending on when you passed your driving test, there are different towing allowances applied to your licence: Click here to check your licence categories.

Call Us To Book A Session.

Tinsley School of Motoring would love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about trailer towing. You will learn in our purposely built dual controlled car and trailer combination, which is set to the test standards. Areas covered are generally around the North West HGV test centres, so we mainly cover Kirkham, Atherton (Manchester), Carlisle, Shrewsbury and Wrexham. Other areas could be considered. Any business learning/contract work will also be considered if this is something you are interested in, please get in touch.

Learn To Attach A Basic Trailer.

You will learn how to hitch and unhitch a trailer in the correct way. You will learn how to reverse the trailer and carry out some reversing manoeuvres and all the necessary checks before setting off. You will also drive around the local area to get used to towing and learn what you might need to look out for. You are guided through learning at a pace that suits you. As you gain more experience all areas will be revisited as you near your test date to make you confident in all areas of driving and the necessary manoeuvres. Motorway driving will be added when Andrew is confident you are ready for this experience due to the faster road conditions.

Driving Skill Assessment.

If you want to come and try, we offer a trailer assessment session which would be around 1 hour to give you an insight into trailer towing. This session will give both you and Andrew an understanding on how much further training could be required. The cost for this session would be £40 for the hour.

Learn Trailer Manoeuvres.

You will spend a proportion of the training learning how to reverse with a trailer. Areas will be set out to learn how to reverse into a bay, unhitch, move away and then reverse back up and recouple again. These are specific test requirements. Your driving will also be assessed and any recommendations given to the learner to meet test standards.

Prepare For The Big Day.

You will learn all the necessary manoeuvers required for the test as well as familiarizing yourself with driving around with a trailer attached.  Driving style may be adjusted to bring you up to the correct standard of driving test as this is also considered during the test. You will also learn the types of questions specific to the B+E assessment that the examiner will ask you as part of the test.

Get Ready To Start Towing.

 There are some things to consider when towing your own trailer. Weight distribution should be spread evenly through the vehicle/trailer combination and not just placed at one end of the vehicle or trailer.  A full set of working lights should be on your trailer board and should be checked before each journey. Ensure you have the correct number plate attached to the trailer. As speed limits are reduced when you are towing, you should be aware of these and your surroundings.

Have The Training To Pull Caravans & Horseboxes

Although you will learn with a weighted box trailer, you will have learnt the required skills which enables you to pull most caravans and horseboxes.  The vehicle you are using to tow, must be checked to see if it’s suitable to meet the maximum allowed for both braked and unbraked trailers as its different for every vehicle.  This information is found in the vehicles handbook or online.

We Help Prepare You For That Family Holiday.

Feel Comfortable Transporting Your Horses Across Country.

Trailer Training With Andrew Tinsley


Andrew has over 25 years of driving experience which has included driving large goods vehicles. Tinsley School of Motoring began in 2015 and has grown rapidly since. Most of the new learners have come from personal recommendations with good feedback on Andrew’s teaching style and structured learning. Tinsley School of Motoring’s ethos is to get people driving as soon as possible and to ensure they are confident drivers, learning from the wealth of Andrew’s road experience.


Trailer Assessment Lesson is from £40 for 1 hour. There are a variety of different towing packages available:

  • 6 hours £210 for 1 days training
  • 12 hours £420 for 2 days training
  • 18 hours £630 for 3 days training

The assessment lesson will give Andrew an idea of how long you may need and the training will be booked around your test date.  The training cost does not include the test fee (currently £115).

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